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  1. Plural of mix


  1. third-person singular of mix

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Mixes a.k.a. Impossible Mixes is the a remix album by Australian popdance singer Kylie Minogue. It was released by Deconstruction Records on August 3 1998 in the United Kingdom. First released as a special edition vinyl album, it was later released as a double-CD album due to the high demand from Minogue's fans. Mixes debuted at number sixty-three on the UK albums chart, staying on the chart for one week before leaving the top seventy-five.

Track listing

Disc One:
  1. "Too Far" (Brothers in Rhythm mix) – 10:21
  2. "Too Far" (Junior Vasquez mix) – 11:44
  3. "Some Kind of Bliss" (Quivver mix) – 8:39
  4. "Breathe" (Tee's Freeze mix) – 6:59
  5. "Breathe" (Sash! Club mix) – 5:20
Disc Two:
  1. "Breathe" (Nalin & Kane remix) – 10:11
  2. "Did It Again" (Trouser Enthusiasts' Goddess of Contortion mix) – 10:22
  3. "Did It Again" (Razor'n Go mix) – 11:21
  4. "Too Far" (Brothers in Rhythm Dub mix) – 8:31
Note: "Too Far" (Brothers in Rhythm Dub mix) was not included on the vinyl edition.


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